A note from Owner & Service Provider, Elizabeth Egan:

Hi! My name is Elizabeth. I am the founder and service provider of ABSOLVE Cleaning Service. After 20 years of working for other companies in the cleaning industry, I found that I was feeling sick and exhausted. The chemicals in the products I was expected to use (Clorox bleach, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex) were debilitating my general health. I spent several months researching my own products and adjusting them until I found the perfect balance of effectiveness, convenience, and fragrance. My product is a disinfectant and an antimicrobial (anti-fungal, antibacterial) solution.

Since switching to green cleaning my immune system has been stronger, my lungs and head clearer, my energy is up and I have a great sense of well-being. 

YOU, Your Family and Your Pets deserve to be happier and healthier. I want to provide you with a chemically clean product that is top notch & a personal, non-judgmental service that will not fill the air you breathe and stain the surfaces you touch with toxic chemicals.

Elizabeth Egan and Absolve Cleaning Service is the best, and environmentally conscious, using cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment and safe for the whole family. She has been cleaning our house of five bedrooms and three baths since 2010. We highly recommend the cleaning service. We also have a cat and a dog and Elizabeth is kind to them too.
— Jennifer W.